Роботов AI
Зарабатывайте от 450 000 р. в мес. уже через 30 дней с гарантией возврата средств по договору.
Высоко маржинальный бизнес.
Смотрите видео
о франшизе
За 5 минут вы познакомитесь с лидером на рынке искусственного интеллекта по голосовым роботам по мнению Спортмастера.
Уникальный продукт,
без прямых конкурентов.
Нет расходов на рекламу
и маркетинг.
Без роялти, налогов и
дополнительных взносов.
Окупаемость 2-3 месяца
с гарантией по договору.
Пассивный доход
от клиентов.
Запуск бизнеса
«под ключ».
Наши преимущества
Мы первые в России создали умных голосовых роботов с AI.
Who is this perfect for?
We will double the sales if you have one of these recurring business processes:
Pre-sale & support
If you have a daily flow of recurring inquiries for client qualification or incoming customer support calls.
Recoup customers
If over 50% of your incoming leads do not make a purchase and remain in the database as non-converting leads.
Recruitment & Polls
If you have recurring hiring processes or conduct customer surveys, measure NPS or other marketing surveys.
Listen to how the
robot interacts with customers
Listen to how the robot sells over the phone while customers remain unaware they're talking to a robot.
Recoup customers
AI brings back customers who didn't buy right away and hands them off to managers.
An AI robot handles incoming calls, qualifies customers, and schedules appointments.
Hiring employees
Salespeople are invited for interviews and meetings through an automated process.
Case Study: AI Boosted Revenue
Task: Call all the non-buying customers and double the conversion rate from lead to sale.
before the robot
After the robot
58 000$ month.
104 000$ month.
The company 'Buffalo' specializes in legal services. We had 5-10 leads per day. The robot made calls to a database of untapped clients from the past 10 years, and in just 3 hours, the robot flooded the sales department with leads. After the robot, we started getting 40-60 leads per day. In 30 days, the robot increased revenue by 52%. It paid for itself in 6 days and started bringing in an additional $50k per month.
How we work
Incorporating these steps in our work allows us to achieve results for our clients
1 day
Brief: business analysis
We analyze the sales funnel, identify the gaps, and find the lever for growth.
7 day
A/B testing
If the script isn't working, we rewrite the script until we get the desired outcome.
5 day
Writing script and offer
AI analyzes your sales team's phone calls and writes a sales script for A/B testing.
5 day
Training an AI robot
We are training AI to recognize 99% of customer inquiries and provide responses.
5 day
Building a robot
AI analyzes typical customer responses and objections and creates an MVP.
1 day
Integration with a CRM
We can set up integration with your CRM system or transfer leads in a different way.

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What our Customers Says

A voice robot has a significant impact on the legal services business. It improves customer interaction and streamlines internal operations. The robot automates repetitive tasks, provides quick access to information, and reduces customer service costs. This enhances the company's competitiveness and improves the quality of work. Overall, the voice robot greatly contributes to the development of the legal services industry.
Mark Brubaker
CEO - Company
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